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Looking for a gift for the gardener in your life this holiday season? Here is a list of several books that might fit the need of that special gardener in your life.


“Landscaping with Native Plants of Wisconsin” by Lynn M. Steiner (Voyageur Press $24.95). From Moss to Trees this guide will help you select a native plant that require less maintenance, and better able to survive and grow in our state’s difficult soil and weather conditions. You’ll find the basic gardening information you need to successfully grow native plants. Whether you want that special plant for your water garden, rock garden or you just want a few more hummingbirds and butterflies, this book will give you all the information you need.


“The Organic Gardener’s Handbook of Natural Pest and Disease Control” Edited by F. Bradley, B. Ellis, and D. Martin (Rodale Inc. $24.99). This is the guide book that will help you figure it all out when you have questions about bugs and diseases and what to do about it. It also provides an organic method to help your plants fight off problems before they become problems.


“The Cook’s Garden” by Shepherd and Ellen Ogden (Out of Print but available on Amazon at various prices and conditions). A great guide for every cook who wants to grow their own food. From a patio pot to a two acre plot, having the information for growing your own vegetables and herbs will become a special treat for your family at meal times.


“The New Outdoor Kitchen” by Deborah Krasner (The Taunton Press $30.00). A great idea book, inspiring the thought of moving your living area into the back yard. From simple natural designs to full scale entertainment areas. This book can be left on the coffee table or can become part of your garden library.


“The Artful Garden” by James Van Sweden and Tom Chistopher (Random House $40.00). Explores the principles of creating art in your garden. This book provides a great winter read inspiring how great art and garden design can create great gardens.


On those cold winter nights when you are thinking of spring and putting another log on the fire just doesn’t seem to work, pull out a book on gardening and think of all the possibilities.


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