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Gardening Gifts for your 2015 Christmas in Waukesha County

Gardening gifts can fill many stockings for both the gardener and non-gardener alike. Whether you are looking for something for the beginner gardener or an old pro, gifts with a garden theme can be found for just about everyone.

Here is a list of ideas that might get you just the right gift for the gardener in your life.


Many choices, from True Temper shovels, Felco #2 Pruners, and a soil knife from A.M. Leonard. Think quality: tools that are well made and have a good reputation will last much longer, and, in some cases, will make their use easier than the less expensive varieties.


  • Rubber palmed gloves
  • water proof, breathable, light weight boots that have heavy duty soles that make digging easier
  • long sleeve tees that are made with cooling fibers woven with insect repellant and sunscreen already in place

Arts and Crafts:

The sky’s the limit on garden accents, from wind chimes, sundials, weather veins, to gazing balls. Plastic flamingos and other whimsical art might not be welcomed by some gardeners and, instead, hidden in the garage…If in doubt, get a gift certificate.


Birdhouses, bat houses, native bee nests, and even toad shelters will receive a warm welcome from the naturalist on your list.


They can be an easy gift with a large selection to choose from, although finding the right one can be difficult unless you know your gardener’s style or interests.

High Tech:

Solar cell phone chargers or weather stations with indoor/outdoor monitors that can include thermometers, barometers and even wind speed gauges make great gifts.


The most appreciated gift of all is the gift of time. Include a coupon for a few hours of planting, weeding, mowing, or mulching. Then make sure your gardening friend redeems the coupon.

Ticket to garden tour:

Many garden clubs sponsor tours during the growing season, or try a Garden Conservancy, Botanic Garden, or Arboretum to coincide with a particular plant variety bloom times, such as lilac or crab apples.

Gift of massage:

A gift certificate for therapeutic massage can be a lifesaver for a gardener who tends to get a little too enthusiastic during the spring planting season.


Many gardeners share a passion for home-grown treasures. A gift from the season’s harvest is at the top of just about everyone’s wish list. Some of the best gifts aren’t bought but simply given: harvest gifts, things made from the harvest, divisions or other parts of special plants, and even the gift of gathered seeds.

Finding the right gift for a gardener can sometimes be a challenge, but use this gift guide to help you out this Christmas. Hoping this holiday season brings you hope, peace, and love. Happy Gardening in 2016.

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