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Cottage Gardener, Ltd. is a full service residential design build landscape contractor. Here is just a brief outline of our services:


Waukesha Landscape DesignLandscape Design Services:

We can provide Master Plans for new construction, as well as garden design for the renovation of existing landscapes.

Our design program is crafted to fit our clients’ individual needs, budget, the architectural qualities of the home, and the qualifications of the site.

The design process starts with the initial site interview and continues with the development of conceptual-preliminary designs, material, and plant selections. We complete the process with a final plan and installation proposal.

This process can be modified for each client depending on the size and scope of the project as well as the timing and phasing required in order to fit your budget.

Our primary goal with the design phase is to educate the clients on the best options available to them.


Waukesha Landscape installationLandscape Installation Services:

Hardscapes: crafted in natural stone for walkways, patios, fire pits, seat walls, water features, and retaining walls.

Structures: pergolas, trellises, decorative fencing, wooden screens, and more.

Garden services: soil preparation, planting annual and perennial flowers, ornamental shrub and tree planting, mulching, weed control, and vegetable plots.


Landscape Consulting and Project Management Services:

We can provide onsite supervision and coordination of excavation, arborists, sprinkler systems, carpentry, lighting, and lawn maintenance.

“Michael’s goal—creating functional livable spaces that impact people’s daily lives while providing a true sense of enjoyment”

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Let us write your story

Our services start at your front door creating the first impression for your home as you enter the driveway. The front entrance of any home can tell a story of who you are, what you like, and how you want the world to see you. This story continues from the front to the back with walkways, paths and carefully crafted passages that create mystery and suspense. We will create your story with a bit of drama, many intricate details and possibly even a surprise ending. The chapters in this story might include a multi room stone patio divided by a glorious wave of flowering perennials. This patio family room would be covered with a natural cedar wood pergola with several large comfy-cushion wicker chairs nestled underneath. The other outdoor rooms might even sport an outdoor kitchen, bar and dining room with a series of ornamental evergreens providing a private, intimate setting for your outdoor entertaining. The gentle music you hear would be the splash of the water garden as the water rushes to its destination. As the sun slowly sets in a sudden splash of purple-pink color you notice the warm glow of the fire pit. The trees and other plants suddenly come to life with a new found light as the night slowly darkens the stage. This could be the story of your home, call today, lets’ write it together.