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Spring cleanups made easy in Waukesha County

Spring cleanups made easy in Waukesha County

Spring cleanups made easy in Waukesha CountyApril’s weather can warm up quickly in the Lake Country/Waukesha County Area.  Cleaning up the garden after a long winter can be a difficult task.  Here are a few spring cleanup tips that will save you time and make cleaning up easier.

Spring Cleanups Made Easy in Waukesha County

  • Make a plan and set up priorities.

  • Work the sunny parts of the garden first, as these will start growing the earliest and will need your need your attention very soon. now.

  • Cut back perennials and native grasses using a hedge trimmer rather than by hand.

  • Start a compost pile to dispose of the yard waste, rather than making several trips to your municipal compost center.

  • Remove the small weeds that have begun to sprout,. Small weeds take less effort and time to remove than big weeds.

  • CIMG9160Spray weed killer on lawn grass that has invaded plant beds. (Caution is needed so as to not kill your perennials at the same time.)

  • Spread mulch or compost on planting beds before the perennials start growing. This can be done quicker without plant foliage in the way.

  • Edge planting beds with a sharpened spade when soil is wet. Compost the sod-soil mix for later use in lawn repair projects.

  • Divide perennials and native grasses. Have a spring garden party and invite your friends, sending them home with a new plant.

  • Prune shrubs with a rejuvenation technique that cuts to the ground 1/3 of the largest stems. This helps reduce the overall size of a shrub so that summer pruning is minimized.

  • Rotate rejuvenation pruning on shrubs over several years, so you don’t have to do them all at once.

Using a priority system, pruning, dividing, edging, and mulching your perennial beds each spring will help in saving you time and energy later in the season.  Spring cleanups can become a challenge with our unpredictable spring weather, but if a little more time is spent each spring, you will find the cleanups getting easier so that your job in the garden does not become a month of weekends.

For more time-saving techniques on making spring cleanup easy, watch the video below.



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